The Mysterious Dracula Legend: Exploring Romania’s Dark History

Unveiling the Mysterious Dracula Legend: Exploring Romania’s Dark History The tale of Count Dracula, a legendary figure synonymous with horror…
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Best day tour from Bucharest to Transylvania

Best Day Tours from Bucharest

Best Day Tours from Bucharest You have recently landed in Bucharest, Romania. As you have discovered most of its sights,…
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How to plan your trip to Danube Delta

What is Danube Delta? Your dream trip to Romania must definitely include a visit to the Danube Delta. Located in…
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Voronet Monastery Bucovina

The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Among the most authentic regions of Romania, the northern part of the country occupies a special place. The painted monasteries…
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Cold winter morning in a village in Maramures

10 best things to do in Maramures

Located in the northern part of Romania in a large valley with the same name, Maramures is an area where…
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TOP 5 Best Churches in Transylvania

The mysterious land of Transylvania used to host more than 300 fortified churches in the 16th century, with 150 still…
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Traditional houses in Alma Vii village, Transylvania

Safe trip to Romania

The past weeks were difficult for all of us, there is no doubt about it. This virus has put our…
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King Charles in Transylvania

When you first set foot in Transylvania, and you should do this soon if you didn’t already, you will understand…
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Brasov Surroundings Tour

Brasov is probably the most visited city in Transylvania and it surely deserve this title. Not only that it has…
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Wine tour in Romania

Wine Tour in Romania Seen by some as a fine accompaniment of a successful dinner, raised by others to the…
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