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Alma Vii landscape

The past weeks were difficult for all of us, there is no doubt about it. This virus has put our lives on hold and affected our daily routines, our jobs, our economies. But now, that we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, we look back and see also the beneficial aspects of this quarantine period. And we can even start planning ahead our safe trip.

After all, staying home with our dear ones was not that bad. Let’s not forget how much we wanted to do so, while we had to rush to the office on every morning. We had time to play with our kids, to tell them stories, to read a good book or even to develop some new skills through online tutorials. But most important, this virus made us reconsider what is really important in our lives and how to spend our money more wisely.

Travelling after pandemic

Travelling is definitely one of the first things people will consider doing after getting out of this long quarantine. However, if there is something that we have learned out of this period, is for sure how important health and safety is for us and our family. "You have to assess your own risk tolerance, take reasonable and prudent precautions, and make smart decisions about your travel" says John Lovell, president of leisure travel and supplier relations and networks at Travel Leader Group. That’s why, we recommend a careful planning of your next holiday.

Below you may find some tips on how to better plan you trip in Romania and how to take the most out of your money.

Veseud village in Transylvania, Romania on the map

Tips for organizing your safe trip to Romania

Fly on smaller airports

A large majority of the total number of COVID-19 cases are in bigger cities like Bucharest, Timisoara or Constanta. As such, when planning your safe trip to Romania, our recommendation is to look for flights landing on smaller airports. You may consider Sibiu, Targu-Mures, Iasi or Craiova.

Viscri fortified church, Transylvania

Choose a private tour instead of a group

Choosing between private and group tours has always been in debate. While private tours are generally seen as more expensive and targeting luxury segment, group tours seem more affordable and easier to book. However, this is not always the case, especially in Romania.

We recommend getting in contact with a local agent. Let them know your budget, number of persons and interests, so they can tailor a private trip for you.


For getting around the country, you may want to avoid rent-a-car companies or public transport in this period. Consider booking a private guide, who can also be the driver and discuss all the details in advance. There are new regulations in Romania related to people transportation. Companies need to have special licenses, insurances for passengers and their luggage. Cars should not be older than 10 years and their technical checks need to be done on every 6 months. In addition, ask what type of car will they use. Don’t forget that a private tour can be done both in a 10-years-old Dacia Logan or a brand new 4-wheel-drive comfortable SUV.

Accommodation and Meals

While travelling the country, make sure you remain safe by avoiding crowded areas. Not all the regions are equally attractive and not all accommodation facilities offered in the villages are very comfortable. There are, however, some really authentic places that can offer you 3- or 4-stars equivalent services. Here, the experience of a good local guide will be of a great help.

Romania is famous for its impressive rural landscapes, so you should not worry about getting bored! Spending one or two weeks in the rural part of the country can be really fun! You will the opportunity to go for short walks in the nature, to discover local traditions and, very important, to taste the local cuisine and some really nice wines.

Apafi Manor in Malancrav, Transylvania
Fortified church in Malancrav, Transylvania

Travel in 3 or 7

Whenever possible, choose to travel in 3 or 7 persons. Most of the private-tour providers are using saloon/wagon cars for 1-3 persons and minivans for 4-8 persons. Filling all the seats available in a car will for sure translate into a better price for you, without sacrificing the comfort.

"Negotiate" the itinerary 

Comparing to a group tour, here you should have the option of discussing the itinerary with your tour provider. Let him know about your habits, interests and preferences:

  • “I always want to enjoy my breakfast and read the news in the morning” or “Lunch is not very important to me. A sandwich on the way will do just fine”
  • “I have read a lot about the fortified churches in Transylvania” or “I am not a very religious person”
  • “I don’t like spending too much time in the car” or “I don’t mind going longer distances, as long as we get to see more attractions”.

All this information will help the agency create a personalized safe trip, which will worth every penny…and speaking about money, take advantage of this period and negotiate a bit the final price.

Daniel Manor in Talisoara village, Transylvania

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