King Charles in Transylvania

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When you first set foot in Transylvania, and you should do this soon if you didn’t already, you will understand why King Charles fell in love with this region and why he visits it every year.

The link between Transylvania and UK Royal Family

For better understanding the relationship between Romanian and UK Royal Families, I have drawn a small diagram for you, showing that both families are actually coming from Queen Victoria of United Kingdom.

Transylvania – historic region

Transylvania is one of Romania’s largest historical regions. It has been under Hungarian control from 9th century up until the Great Union, in 1918. Queen Maria of Romania, cousin of King George of UK, played a very important role in this unification process.

King Charles preferred places in Transylvania

In a mixture of Hungarian, German and Romanian cultures and traditions, Transylvania is a unique land, famous for its urban medieval architecture. But what really impressed King Charles was the mesmerizing rural landscapes: “is probably the last region in Europe where you can really experience sustainability”. Life here is always patient.


Due to its location, away from the main road, this village was able to preserve the authenticity of a medieval Transylvanian community through local architecture and people’s traditions. King Charles bought here a property and after a restoration process, the house is now available for tourists to stay in. A great experience, I must say, which you can also try in one of our customized private tours.


Another authentic village, away from any crowded city, where the time seems to have frozen. Only a few houses with people looking quietly after their life, and green wild hills. It is a pleasure for hiking, horseback riding or bike riding.

The village is famous for the manor house, nicely displayed on a hill, and for its well-preserved protestant church. The manor belonged once to Apafi family, one of the most influential noble families in Transylvania. Recently it has been restored by Mihai Eminescu Trust, an ONG patronized by Prince Charles.


For 300 years this was the headquarter of the Saxon church in Transylvania. Because of this the village developed a lot between 1572 – 1867, getting a more urban look. In our days Biertan is famous for its impressive fortified church, built in a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

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