Transylvania underground surprise #turdasaltmine

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panoramic view of turda salt mine ferris wheel

On the 1st of December, during the Romanian National Day, we decided to take a road trip in Transylvania and stop by in Cluj. On our way, we stopped at Turda salt mine and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Despite being a national holiday, the complex was opened and I noticed a lot of people entering, keen on visiting the site.

Turda Salt mine in Transylvania

I briefly googled the location and just like a professional, its CV includes a medical center which uses halotherapy spa facilities that can treat several respiratory illnesses but also an incredible underground theme park.

We took the elevator to get to a level where we could see the impressive above-named park. The complex includes a bowling alley, a mini golf course, ping pong courts, an amphitheater, an underground lake & row boats and a luminous Ferris wheel. Reaching the lowest level, by descending approximately 13 stair levels, means going almost 122 meters underground, from its highest point.

The lake inside Turda Salt mine can be used for rowing.

I also found out that Business Insider placed this location, as one of the coolest underground locations on Earth. I was mesmerized by how the human hand carved spectacular walls, with differed layers colors of white, grey and black, highlighted by the white light.

On the upper side of the salt mine you can find a bridge with a spectacular view.

It seems the location dates back since Middle Ages and is considered one of the world’s oldest. The extraction of the salt mine ended in early 20th century, then it was used as a shelter, during the World War 2 and then a warehouse for cheese until 1992.

During the day we visited the salt mine the most popular attraction was rowing and indeed, it did give us a feeling of relaxing, despite being in an unconventional place.

Nest stops on the list will be Praid and Slanic salt mines!

Panoramic view from Turda Salt mine
The third section of Turda Salt mine, where the lake is situated
Panoramic view of turda salt mine and the ferris wheel.

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