Romania On The Map

Exploring Romania during this 7 nights tour, you will get to try its traditional dishes, best wines, medieval citadels, castles, peaks and mines, but probably the most important, you will be able to tell your own Romanian story!

Day 1

Hotel pick up will take place early in the morning, to allocate the necessary time to see all the beautiful places we have in our plan for the day.

A surreal selenar landscape, in contrast with the sky, seems to be the words on people's lips when visiting for the first time, this unique Romanian landscape, the muddy volcanoes. Despite not being the scary type of volcanoes, they are active ones, as gas is continuously pushing mud to the surface, at lower speed. Walking around the area, jumping of craters or climbing them will for sure be highlights of the day.

Our lunch stop for the day will be in Focsani, a city where we will enjoy the local delicacies but most especially the high quality wines.

As the day comes to an end, we are getting closer to the city of Piatra Neamt, where we will dine and stop for the day.

Day 2

We begin our day with breakfast served in Piatra Neamt.

Agapia Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox nunnery, dating from the 15th century. Inside, its frescoes were painted by the well known Romanian painter, Nicolae Grigorescu, making the monastery one the most famous in Romania. One another note, those who visit the monastery are looking for that peace of mind and serenity , which nowadays, few places can really offer.

Heading now to Targu Neamt, we will enjoy a traditional lunch.

Voronet Blue might just be the most beautiful color you've seen and one can only imagine how something like this lasted for so many years! Voronet is definitely one of the most famous and beautiful monasteries in Bucovina and we will take the necessary time to admire it.

The time has come to end our day and, to continue the monastery tour tomorrow, we will stop in Sucevita, the place where we will have a traditional dinner and where our accommodation will be.

Day 3

As of August 2010, Sucevita Monastery was included in the UNESCO patrimony and it can easily be considered one of the most stunning in Romania. It has been built between 1581-1601 and as if time had not passed, the inside and outside frescoes, representing biblical scenes from the Old and The New Testament, are simply amazing in detail but also in colour.

Not your typical museum, this one stands out through thousands of beautiful eggs meticulously hand painted and decorated, some of them even older than 100 years.

After the visual delight, we will be heading towards mountain-pass Mestecanis, the geographical area which ensures our passing from Dorna to Campulung Moldovenesc Depression and then Prislop, the tallest pass in Oriental Carphatian mountains, at 1416m altitude. The entire location feels like time stopped in this place and that nature has a soothing beauty.

Lunch will be served in Borsa, the heart of Maramures County.

We will next take the chairlift which will get us closer to a forestry road, on which we will spend approximately 1 hour to get to Horses' Waterfall, a unique location in Romania because of the height from which water is falling, offering a spectacular view. There is a story surrounding the name of the waterfall saying that there were bears attacking the horses in the area and when feeling the threat, the horses fell into an abyss. Legend has it, that the waterfall was formed by the tears of the shepherds who cried, after loosing their animals.

After seeing so many spectacular objectives, it is time for today's dinner and accommodation in Viseul de Sus.

Day 4

We depart early, in the morning after breakfast, to our next journey, this time with Mocanita, the last active forest railway in the Carpathians. You will admire wild landscapes as nowhere else in Romania, untouched by human.

Travelling with Mocanita feels like visiting a museum in nature, like going back, to a period forgotten by time, through forest villages and mountains. As we will be spending half day on this trip, a package with lunch will be included.

Before returning to Viseul de Sus, we will stop at Pietroasa Monastery, located at an altitude of 1000 meters, at the foot of Rodnei Montain.

Ending our day, we return to Viseul de Sus, for our dinner and second night of accommodation in Viseul de Sus.

Day 5

Another day, another adventure ahead of us, this time going through history, in the first part of the day and then to a very interesting location in the entire world.

We will stop in Cluj just for lunch, but we will be back here to discover all of it's surroundings

Back in 2015, Turda Salt Mine was declared by Business Insider Magazine, as one of the coolest underground location. The salt mine is now a recreation center but also an underground museum. If you are especially interested in halotherapy, this location is one of the best places to take deep breaths.

Our stop for the day will be Cluj, where we will have dinner and rest overnight.

Day 6

Cluj is Romania's second largest city and has rapidly become the place of music festivals and other major cultural events in the country. In two words, a vibrant city. We will explore the city for a couple of hours starting from Piata Unirii Square and St. Michael's Catholic church, which displays Transylvania's tallest church tower, to the Art and Pharmaceutical Museums.

We continue our tour with Alba Iulia, which is the best preserved and the largest citadel in Romania. It is of course, associated with the Great Union, in 1918. For the city tour, we will visit the impressive fortifications of and the Roman ruins and then stop for lunch.

A two hour drive now awaits from from Alba Iulia to Sibiu, the city which in 2007 was declared the European Cultural Capital. Here we will stop for dinner and our accommodation, to prepare for the last day of this long, yet wonderful trip.

Day 7

Sibiu will get you through its medieval charm, great food and spectacular historical center. You will get to explore the Old Town with the beautiful Large and Small Square, you will find out why a bridge is called the Bridge of Lies and get the chance to find out more about the citadel of the city with the Stairs Passage, towers and bastions.

Changing the atmosphere from charming medieval to mysterious, this should be the second name of Bran Castle. For certain, you read or heard about Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula and the supposedly relationship between the two. Of course, as charming as it is, the visit will reveal some essential information but will also take you to a story journey, heading back to 1377 when its role was a defence one until 1932 when it was the Royal Summer Residence of Queen Mary and up until nowadays, when it was transformed in a museum.

Rumour has it that Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, a medieval destination, with a lot of energy, lots to do and in a close proximity to nature. We will stop in this city for lunch get a few picture of the surroundings and have lunch.

What better way to close 8 days of memories than a visit to one of the most beautiful castles in Europe? Peles Castle, this beautiful Royal Residence was built starting with 1873, under the rule of King Carol the 1st and it is a spectacular mix of Neo-Renaissance architecture at the exterior and with an eclectic style at the inside, featuring a mix of Baroque, Rococo but also Italian and British Renaissance.

In just 8 days, we made numerous memories for a lifetime but the most important was the interaction with another culture, the places which many times resembled to a period where things are outside the fast paced cities and allows us to slow down, to travel and see what is on the map. You can now tell your own Romanian story!

Unique features

  • The spectacular muddy volcanoes which unfold in a selenar landscape
  • The authenticity of Moldavia region by visiting its spectacular monasteries and Painted Egg Museum
  • A tour of the some of the most well-preserved medieval cities in Europe: Brasov, Sibiu
  • A spectacular tour of one of the oldest salt mines in the world: Turda, dating from Middle Ages
  • Romania’s second largest city, well known for its great music festivals: Cluj Napoca
  • Alba Iulia, home of XIIIth Roman Legion Gemina
  • The fairytale-like Peles Castle and the mysterious Bran Castle
  • Driving on Transfagarasan, named by TOP Gear “the best road in the world”

What’s included

  • Transportation by air-conditioned premium class vehicle
  • Entrance to Peles and Bran Castles, Turda salt mine, Alba Iulia citadel
  • Certified English-speaker guide
  • Hotel pick-up, drop off
  • Accommodation in a 4 star hotel or equivalent in double room
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Not included

  • Photo/video taxes
  • Hotel extra services (e.g. Minibar, massage, room service, etc.)

Booking conditions

  • A minimum of 4 people per booking is required
  • For cancellations received with less than 30 days prior to booked tour date, a charge of 50% of tour price will apply
  • For cancellations received with less than 20 days prior to booked tour date, a charge of 100% of tour price will apply
  • Children below 6 years old receive 50% discount
  • Booking this tour requires full prepayment, minimum 45 days in advance
  • The below starting price is applicable for groups of minimum 7 persons

From 1100 euro per person, all taxes included!

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