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LIVE Bucharest Virtual Tour

Start exploring the world from the comfort of your house! We invite you for a 1 hour private virtual tour of Central Bucharest. Your certified guide will interact LIVE with you and will tell you more about Bucharest's history and impressive architecture.

The tour will take place around Revolution Square, an area of great significance for the inhabitants of Bucharest. It is a place of contrast: monarchy vs communism, liberty vs dictatorship and all these can be seen through the emblematic buildings surrounding the square.

Main attraction points

The Romanian Athenaeum – built during the Monarchy's glorious time, in the French-style architecture, it quickly became a landmark of the city. In 1944 it was bombed by the Luftwaffe and partially destroyed, but it regained its glory after 1989.

King Carol I equestrian statue – initially inaugurated in 1939, the beautiful statue speaks about the great personality of the German-origin King Carol I. It was taken down by the communist tanks in 1947, melded, and used for building the statue of a soviet leader. The statue that we see today was installed in 2010.

The Royal Palace – its story begins with a 25-room, 19th-century noble house, built in the very same place. It became the first Royal Residence of a Romanian king. Carol the 1st enlarged it and transformed it into a beautiful Palace, which burned down and made a place for the one seen today.

The headquarters of the Romanian Communist Party – it was meant to host the growing personnel of the Minister of Internal Affairs during the monarchy time. After 1947 it became the headquarters of the Romanian Communist Party. From its balcony, in December 1989, Nicolae Ceausescu was delivering his last speech in front of the nation, when the revolution started. From 1990 it hosted the Senate chamber of Parliament and from 2004 it returned to its initial purpose – Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Rebirth Memorial – a very controversial monument inaugurated in 2005, popularly known as the “potato on the stick” or the “olive on the toothpick”. In spite of costing the Romanian Government approx. 1.2 mil. euro, it fails to transmit a clear message to the people. Learn from your guide what the author really meant through this monument.

Unique features

  • LIVE explanations from your certified English-speaker guide
  • You may interact with your guide, asking questions or details
  • Collection of old pictures of the buildings presented
  • You don't need to have your camera ON if you don't feel comfortable
  • Flexible starting hour - daily from 08:00 am - 04:00 pm, Bucharest time

What’s included

  • Private virtual tour
  • Advanced HD camera and strong internet connection
  • DJI gimbal device for image stabilization
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour

Not included

  • All you need is:
    • PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone
    • strong internet connection
    • speakers & microphone (headset will be as good)
    • Facebook or WhatsApp account for video call

Booking conditions

  • Payment via Credit Card Authorization form/confirmation of last CC digits via phone-call, at the beginning of the tour
  • Price: upon request

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